Miko Kung Fu is an advanced trainings system based on thought and doctrine of Chinese martial arts, (primarily Ving Tsun) and its 5 elements as well as on the awareness of modern science.


Miko Kung Fu offers a huge selection of possibilities for self-development and self-realization. The variety goes from standard fitness and endurance training to acquisition and application of martial arts on the highest level.


We promote disciplines such as force, speediness, endurance, flexibility and coordination as base of physical preparation for any kind of martial arts. In the focus of the mental training are exercises of concentrativeness and cognitive capabilities.


The integration of physical and mental challenges in the training helps individuals to recognize own, existing capabilities and acquisition of new skills. The improvement of body’s own perception guides to dwindling and reduction of self-doubts and better harmony with oneself.

The path to healthy body and active spirit and major aspects of Miko Kung Fu

  • Promotion of physical-motoric skills i.e. strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination
  • Learning of advanced Kung Fu technics
  • Body control and conscious application of coordinated movements
  • Demonstration and use of practiced technics for self defense
  • Adaption and development of ethic and honorable nature
  • Self-confidence


MKF System Is divided several Levels:

  • 4 beginner student levels - Basic stage
  • 4 advanced students Levels - Advanced stage
  • 4 High Levels - Master stage

  • 4 Instructor Levels - Sifu Licence

Besides the individual progress and learned skills in the focus of the evaluation is the capability to transfer knowledge. For students interested in instructing and teaching a particular training can be performed to obtain an instructor grade. Here is to emphasize the importance of the social component.

If not already present, the interactional skills should be trained, then to demonstrate technics and exercises is one part and to bring a student to the correct path and to go with whim along is another part. 

Actually, it is possible to go through training levels without to reach the instructor grade.


To accomplish one level following aspects are part of the Evaluation:

  • Achievement of psychic preconditions
  • Forms and technics without partner
  • Application of learned technics - defense and attack exercises with partner
  • Regeneration and Relax technics


Theoretical understanding from the 2nd grade of the Miko Kung Fu background is reviewed in written form.


In this spirit WELCOME!


Bring the will, possess patience and come regular to training lessons this is the moto.


And do not forget: 

Practice makes perfect!

Martial Art – Background


The origin


In the year 495 AD, an Indian Monk, called Bodhidarma, came to China to disseminate Buddhism. As son of king Sugandha and was an accomplished warrior instructed in martial arts by master Pranathara.


He is traditionally credited as the first Chinese patriarch of the ZEN line. According to Chinese legend, he also began the physical training of the Siu Lum monastery monks, known as Shaolin, what led to the creation of Shaolin Kung Fu.


During practicing of meditation sessions he noticed weakness in the concentration of the monks as well as dullness and immovability. To help Shaolin monks he developed an exercise “18 hands of Lo Han” which consists sequence of 18 movements. The Shaolin monks could benefit from the exercise in Terms of improving the body strength and general health condition.

China and the Shaolin monastery count as the cradle of martial arts, what by all means has its eligibility, but the historical origin of martial arts is India.


Chinese martial arts and Kung Fu got known in the western world through appearance, seminars and movies of Bruce Lee (Lee Siu Lung) in the 60ies. Besides his own glory he created popularity for the whole doctrine of Chinese martial arts and its greatest preceptors Yip Man and Wong Shun Leung.


Some elements of Kung Fu, such as gymnastic and breathing exercises, meditation and endurance training, even without reference to martial application, are just preparation parts. However, this elements, are being practiced from many people lifetime long as a very effective method to stay healthy and in good condition.

About Milenko Kozlica

Since his childhood Milenko’s life is embossed with martial arts, Far East philosophy Qi Gong and Yoga. As a young boy he was impressed with far east martial arts and he started with training of Kung Fu. The training in local Kung Fu club was not enough for him, so he made his own trainings place at home where he could practice daily.

Through his integral approach of Shaolin Kung Fu Miko used to deal very extensive with the doctrine of Martial Art. His attitude to learn from the best brought Miko to world’s famous Kung Fu masters.


In the age of 19 he became a teacher, Si Fu, and he began to teach, to transfere his knowledge and experience to others.


He experienced biggest influence from Wong Shun Leung, Philipp Bayer, Barry Lee Dan (Daniel Arca) Inosanto.

Beginning of Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun 1987
Beginning of Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun 1987
28 years later
28 years later

Meanwhile Milenko lives with his wife and two sons in St Poelten, Austria, where he has established his Miko Kung Fu Club and as graduate personal trainer he helps and supports many ambitious people. His reputation brings him frequent invitations from other Kung Fu centers.


Based on his experiences and as well disappointments, on his collected knowledge he developed “Miko Kung Fu”.